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We’re inspiring and motivating all high-potential UK SMEs to find that perfect blend of funding along with human, intellectual and emotional capital to excel.

We’re showing how companies need the right expert advice and support to help them grow, create jobs and wealth, and boost optimism.

We’re revealing how the SME community of investors, professionals and advisers need to play a vital part of this success story.

We’ve created a campaign supported by evidence, stories and thought leadership.


Showcasing proprietary research findings and entrepreneur stories about diverse businesses benefiting from all forms of capital, including emotional, human, intellectual and financial.
We’re investigating the vital investment, incentives and business support available to fast-growing SMEs across all sectors and regions.

I am an SME

I am an SME

Quality research informs government policy and improved outcomes for all companies

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I know an SME

Inspiring stories create great insight and foster a culture of emulating success

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I serve the SME market

High-potential companies need excellent support from capital and service providers

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7 distinct characteristics fuelling SME growth

Company founders turned storytellers across seven key company characteristics share valuable insight into how they’ve deployed all types of capital at work to navigate their growth and scale-up journeys.

<strong> The inventors </strong>

The inventors

business that have developed new products

<strong>The innovators</strong>

The innovators

businesses that have developed new services / business models

<strong>The disruptors</strong>

The disruptors

businesses that have challenged incumbents in their sector

<strong>The exporters</strong>

The exporters

businesses that are significant exporters

<strong>The established</strong>

The established

businesses that are well established and growing steadily

<strong>The female founders</strong>

The female founders

businesses that have been established and grown by women

<strong>The digital transformers</strong>

The digital transformers

businesses at the vanguard of true digital innovation

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Be a part of the UK’s SME growth story

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Build your corporate reputation

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Strengthen your relationships

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Grow your long-term revenues

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Connect directly with new SMEs

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