Proprietary research


Make every company’s views count.

Our research will take a statistically relevant temperature check of SMEs’ preferences and real experiences of deploying all types of capital on their growth and scale-up journeys.

This important research study will investigate the level and quality of investment and professional services support available to SMEs and how they’re navigating the changing macroeconomic environment.

Proprietary research findings provide important insights into how well (or not) the entire capital ecosystem is functioning

Quality professional research is critically important in helping to guide future SME growth and scale-up successes

Make your voice heard: independent and impartial research findings help to shape government policy and encourage a culture of tailored business solutions

7 steps of campaign research success


Defining the problem

Only 10% of SMEs deploy equity capital plus the invaluable support it comes with to grow their businesses – we believe this should increase


Our research partner, Beauhurst

We’ve partnered with Beauhurst, a specialist data provider on the UK’s fastest-growing companies, to create a robust research methodology


Literature review & trend analysis

We’ve analysed a diverse body of literature and market trends on SME growth hurdles and opportunities across the SME ecosystem to inform our research focus


Questionnaire development

We’ve created research hypotheses and a detailed survey questionnaire to take a temperature check of SME appetite for funding and their market sentiment across diverse company characteristics, sectors and regions in the UK


Survey sample & fieldwork launch

With Beauhurst, we will manage our field work. Our partners and supporters will actively help us to reach a wide group of respondents


Analysing the findings

Along with Beauhurst, we’ll be conducting a detailed analysis of the research findings, which will be revealed at the campaign launch event at the London Stock Exchange in Q2 2018


Final output goes live

We’ll publish the 100 Stories of Growth – Capital at Work report, both on our website and in a high-quality print publication, in the third quarter 2018. Our partners and supporters will actively assist with distribution