100 Stories of Growth in the media

As the 100 Stories of Growth campaign gains momentum, our message is reaching more and more people across the UK. And the campaign is being recognised by the media.
Check out the latest media coverage of the campaign.


Not all capital is created equal

SME leaders must find the right capital to help their business grow, says mentor and SME champion Guy Tolhurst.

Five tips for female entrepreneurs to be successful in crowdfunding

Julie Chen, co-founder of the Cheeky Panda, one of the companies showcased in the 100 Stories of Growth campaign, shares her top tips on how to successfully raise money via crowdfunding.

SME expert, university dropout: Guy Tolhurst reveals his entrepreneurial success despite the odds

Guy Tolhurst talks about the business lessons he learnt from quitting his studies and why building emotional resilience is so crucial for new entrepreneurs. He also shares takeaways from the 100 Stories of Growth campaign.

Smaller-business owners need the space to build their resilience

In a guest column, Guy Tolhurst explores self-belief, the investment runway and emotional wellbeing in the UK’s growth company community.

Sky News’ Sunrise journalists invited Guy Tolhurst and Rachel Carrell from Koru Kids to talk about female business founders. They discussed how female priorities are different from those of male leaders and highlighted the differences in investment between male- and female-led businesses.

Getting To Know You: Guy Tolhurst, entrepreneur, business mentor & founder, Intelligent Partnership.

Business Matters talks to Guy Tolhurst about who inspires him in business and what he’d do if he could turn his business clock back. He also introduces 100 Stories of Growth campaign and gives advice to start-up and scale-up businesses.

Small business leaders to get extra support

London Live interviewed Guy Tolhurst and Rachel Carrell from Koru Kids, featured in the campaign. They talk about our preliminary research findings and challenges that start-ups face on their journey to scale up.

This entrepreneur is campaigning to share 100 growth lessons from UK’s most successful businesses

Guy Tolhurst shares tips and guidance for scaling-up companies while announcing the launch of 100 Stories of Growth Campaign.

Campaign bids to ease pain of start-up founders

ES announces the launch of the campaign.