How they did it




How they did it

 pages of original and compelling stories
7  thought leadership pieces


ISBN: 978-1-9993343-1-4
Published by: Intelligent Partnership
Publication date: December 2018

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Grow your business with renewed confidence

Do you have what it takes to scale a successful business in the UK today?

Find out from expert entrepreneurs how they’ve created great ideas, added a magical mix of capital and then scaled to impressive heights.

The 100 Stories of Growth campaign has interviewed over 250 company founders and business leaders. We’ve investigated how they’ve combined emotional, human, intellectual and financial capital to make their business shine. Every story is unique.

“As entrepreneurs it’s important to share our stories, they have the power to inform and boost the confidence of other entrepreneurs and signpost the journey many have taken before them. When I was approached for the book I loved the concept. For me starting out, it would have been great to have a book which gave an honest portrayal of other people’s entrepreneurial stories right from the outset. It’s a very speedy way to learn.”
                            Aneeqa Khan,  Eporta






Candid and insightful stories

From Glasgow to Guildford and all across the UK. Entrepreneurs in sectors as diverse as AI, edtech, food & drink, fashion and real estate reveal their tactics, tips and game plans.

Find out what pitfalls to avoid.

Make sure you’re emotionally prepared for a journey of a lifetime.

Create long-lasting great relationships with the best professionals.


•  Great entrepreneurs

•  Amazing growth stories

•  Inspirational and motivational

Know how to secure the best investment or finance.

This stylish coffee-table book is an impressive compendium of business stories for our times.
We’ve commissioned high-end professional photography to capture the true spirit of leading entrepreneurs, all presented in this beautifully designed hardback book.